earn money online for nepali student

EARN MONEY ONLINE for student !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

sound for listening is very good isnt it ???????  now a day earn money online is very hard to success .. 

earn money online is fully possible but if you need to learn more plus very hard working..
one of my friend earn average rs 1,20,000 + in nepali just by doing online job .  online job is fully possible way to earn good income. about my friend he is just reading class 12 currently he just work with google adsense for earn. there are many way to earn money online.   lets talk about that

1: Google Adsense

2: Affiliate Marketing

3: Online Courses

4: Freelance

5: Sponsored Posts

6: Making youtube video

6: Making website and blog

7: joining earn money online and app

8: investing money online

9: invest in share market

10: survey


this is just a info. if you search that type op keyword in google you  can get 1000 of knowledge about this things. yes there are 100+ way to earn money online for student but you you most need to learn more about it in free time.for nepali student give lots of time in reading own book but in free time you deferentially work online for pocket money as well . if you like just small amount like rs 10,50 you can do it very eagerly in online . for example you can use bitcoin spinner app from google play store and earn some amount for biggenner for quick mobile recharge. 

at last earn money only for student is very hard but if learn correct . you sureally get success if you make google as a friend.

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