education and facebook for nepali student

many people say that This is 21st centure so that Internet is one of the part of student life. but playing in internet for every time is good for student ???? sure-ally no..
now a days all nepali student most have one facebook account they only know that Internet is just a but will all most know about that internet is not only facebook id . if all student use Internet for education proposal internet is your best teacher for tech any thing. if you make google as a friend you can get more knowledge about it and you can solve any kind of problem you like . for example you can solve math problem , you can solve grammer etc.
if you internet for good thing you can get success to your life. so we will suggest that forget your facebook account just work hard for get more knowledge for extra things.

playing mobile game is another problem for nepali student . you can not get anything by playing mobile just delete that game and use some learning app that help your life for better and better.

sooooo we all suggest that forget your facebook id just learn your book if you really like to use Internet just use education site for better knowledge.

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