“HELLO RABI” mobile app lunch by rabi Lamichhane after some days

“HELLO RABI” mobile app lunch by rabi Lamichhane after some days

Rabi Lamichhane mobile app hello rabi
Hello rabi app lunch

Hello Rabi app lunch in ios and android playform. 
features about this application 
(1) Play game – you can play learning game

(2) watch sidha kura janata sagha – watch program from android app

(3) Rabi cam – shoot live video and send option

App hello rabi

(4) voting poll – free vote for public issue 

(5) emergency numbers – Emergency phone number collection 

(6) say hello Rabi – live talk with rabi Lamichhane 

Hello rabi app icon

accounting to rabi Lamichhane 
“This is not a game. It’s a revolutionary mobile platform, acitizen driven anti – corruption campaign App -The first of its kind. Anyone can use the Hello Rabi mobile app to expose any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal , unethical or not correct in our public organization and society in general “

At last This is very good app to use after lunch. Please share to your friend who support rabi Lamichhane .
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