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One of the popular TikTok stars and models from Nepal is Usha Upreti. She is active on TikTok and in playing music videos. She quickly established a sizable fan base and opened the door to financial success.

The Miss Jhapa Icon winner established a new reputation in the Nepali entertainment sector. Here is the following biography for you. Another biography on the list of the best tiktokers in Nepal is that of Usha Upreti. She has one of Nepal’s highest levels of popularity.

Many Nepali TikTok users and fans of music videos are still unfamiliar with Usha Upreti. Her contribution to the entertainment industry is still very much in need. Fortunately, it’s true that she quickly opened the door to fame and notoriety.
Usha’s trending numbers are good considering she is a young celebrity and model in Nepal. Anyway, let’s get on to the detailed reading of Usha Upreti’s biography.

Winner of Miss Jhapa Icon It was a good enough upbringing for Mrs. Usha. Her middle-class upbringing gave her a good culture and enough happiness to handle the demands of family life.

When we talked about her family, there were a total of 4 people there. The name of her mother is Anjan Upreti. She would also have a father and a younger brother.

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