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The oldest and biggest university in Nepal is Tribhuvan University (TU), which was founded in 1959. A public university offering advanced education in a number of subjects, including science, engineering, administration, humanities, education, law, and medicine, TU is situated in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. TU is the top institution of higher learning in Nepal, with more than 500 connected colleges and institutions.

Students from Nepal and other nations can enroll in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies at TU University. It comprises 60 faculties with world-class professors and scholars that deliver top-notch instruction and research. With approximately 100,000 students enrolled in various disciplines, the institution boasts a varied student body. Students who are unable to attend regular classes can also take advantage of TU’s distant learning programs.

The college includes a sizable campus with cutting-edge amenities like libraries, computer labs, science and engineering labs, sports facilities, and dorms. Also, it features a student center where pupils can engage in a range of extracurricular activities, such as athletics, the arts, and cultural events.

To Nepal’s academic, social, and economic progress, TU University has significantly contributed. Several graduates from the university have excelled in a variety of professions and helped the nation’s progress. TU has also carried out research in a number of areas, including, among others, ecology, energy, agriculture, and health. The university has partnered with various organizations to conduct research and exchange information and experience, both locally and worldwide.

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